Modular Pads for Chillers

Highly resilient, extra thick rubber pad with modular square cell construction. Offers convenience and flexibility of installation. Effectively minimises transmission of noise and provides a higher degree of vibration / shock isolation than any other commonly used single layer pad.

Product Features

  • Convenient, Customizable, Cost-effective - Each sheet comprises 81 modules of size 50mmx50mm, separated by a thin webbing which can be slit using any normal scissor. Therefore, the pad can easily be cut to any size and shape to suit equipment base and load (as shown below).
  • High Performance - The pad is 20mm (¾") thick, moulded in compounded natural rubber. This gives it resilience and low permanent set.
  • Superior ‘Square-Cell’ pattern - The ‘square-cell’ design of WEICCO WMP modular pads provides higher deflection than the round-hole design offered by some brands. The square pattern also resists rib collapse under load.
  • Sealed against Contaminant - The square cells form suction pockets which effectively seal the pad from external contaminants.



Standard Size 450mm x 450mm x 20mm

Material Compounded Natural Rubber. Other elastomers such as EPDM, Neoprene, SBR etc. available on application.

Loading Recommended upto 75kg per module

Deflection Appx 3mm at rated load

Advantages of WMP over Cork Sandwich Pads

WEICCO Modular Pads are far superior to rubber-cork sandwich pads, as explained below:

  • Isolation Capability - Unlike rubber, cork lacks resilience - the key property required for any material to function as a vibration isolator. It sets permanently once load is applied and does not regain its original shape. Therefore, it cannot function as an isolator.
  • Durability - Cork disintegrates into granules in a short time. Moulded rubber has a much longer life.
  • Susceptibility to attack - Being an organic material, cork is attacked by rodents and termites. Rubber is resistant to these.
  • Exposure to moisture affects cork adversely. WMP pads are water resistant.