Cased Spring Mount (SMC)

Laterally stable steel springs housed in telescoping close-grain cast iron casing. Effective for isolation of high and low frequency vibrations produced by floor mounted mechanical equipment, industrial machinery, piping.

Product Features

  • Springs have a deflection of 50mm at rated load and are designed with 50% overload capacity, to compensate for unexpected load variations and to reduce operating stress.
  • In compliance with ASHRAE guidelines, springs are designed with a horizontal stiffness of at least 100% of the vertical stiffness, to ensure stability.This is achieved through high ratios - 0.85 to 1.0 (as against the minimum of 0.80 required by ASHRAE).
  • Additional stability is provided by the casings of SMC mounts, which are designed to eliminate any chance of dislocation or toppling of springs even when subjected to large lateral forces.
  • All mounts have a built-in leveling arrangement, capable of compensating for full static deflection.
  • Inner walls of lower casing have resilient rubber snubbers which: a) Limit lateral movement, particularly due to start-up, shut-down and horizontal wind load. b) Eliminate possibility of binding by providing a smooth guide path for the top casing. c) Prevent isolator short-circuiting by avoiding metal to metal contact.
  • Neoprene inserts below springs and 7 - 10mm thick ribbed base pad act as noise breaks for high frequencies in the audible range, which can otherwise get transmitted to building structure.
  • Neoprene inserts below springs, an exclusive WEICCO feature, form a second line of defense against noise transmission when the base pad is short-circuited due to bolting down of the mount.
  • Frictional base pad eliminates need for bolting down in most applications.
  • Color coded springs to facilitate identification.
  • Springs and casings have epoxy powder coated finish, rated to withstand 1000 hours of salt spray testing as per test method ASTM B117.

Typical Applications

SMC series mounts are suitable for installation under all types of equipment. Since the springs are laterally restrained in cased mounts, they are particularly recommended for outdoor installations subject to wind pressure and under equipment likely to generate horizontal thrust.

Application examples include: Chillers, AHUs, Pumps, Centrifugal / Axial fans, Condensing Units, Packaged Units, Reciprocating Compressors, DG Sets, Punch Presses, Drop Hammers, Pipe Support points located within mechanical equipment rooms, on rooftops and in other noise-critical areas of the building.

Options Available

  • Mounts with external leveling arrangement supplied as standard. These offer maximum convenience of installation and leveling. Bolt passes through locating holes of equipment. Suitable for most applications.
  • Mounts with internal leveling arrangement and extra neoprene acoustic friction pad on top (add suffix 'IR'). Used when accessibility for external leveling is limited or under flat surfaces without locating holes.


Spring mount cartons contain detailed installation guide.

Compliance - Springs designed according to BS 1726 (Part 1): 1987 and recommendations made by SAE (US) and ASHRAE