Supplier of:
  • AUSGRID Approved UGOH LV Covers UGOH60 and UGOH90.
  • AUSGRID Approved Galvanised Products - Brace Crossarm, Brace Crossarm Knee, Brace Flat Crossarm, 11kV Insulator Pin C-Type, LV Pin B-Type, Brace Angle, Bracket MTG Clamp Crossarm.

For Victorian Utilities:
  • Possum/Animal Proofing Transformer Bushing Covers (TBC).
  • Brass Split Bolts, Crossarm Braces, Galvanised Pole Caps.

For Air-conditioning Industry supplying to all states Victoria, NSW, SA and WA:
  • Modular Pads, Cased Spring Mount (SMC), Test Plugs, Spring Hangers, Floor Mounts, Split Clamps with & without rubber, Grommets.

  • Brass Foils, Brass Shims and Leaded Brass.

Split Clamps (WSC Series)
Split Clamps (WSC Series)

For suspension of all types of piping. Split-ring type steel pipe clamps with integral fixing nuts. Designed with a number of features to enhance product performance and reliability. All sizes have extended thread lengths on the lips to ensure a safe installation. Sizes 6” and above feature welded side-nuts while all other sizes have collared tapped holes. Both straps are ribbed for greater strength.

Cased Spring Mounts
Cased Spring Mounts (SMC Series)

Designed to isolate vibration generated by floor mounted mechanical equipment, industrial machinery and piping. Springs housed in telescoping close-grain ductile iron casing with built-in leveling arrangement and acoustic friction pad. WEICCO SMC mount design provides horizontal stability, high loading capacity and protective spring enclosure. Inner walls of lower casing incorporate bonded resilient rubber snubbers which prevent binding or short-circuiting and limit lateral movement. Neoprene inserts are provided below springs as a second line of defense against noise transmission in bolted applications…a WEICCO innovation. Load Capacity: 50 to 6400kg per mount. Rated Deflection: 25mm, 50mm.

Spring Hangers
Spring Hangers (WSH, WSHL Series)

Designed to isolate vibration generated by suspended mechanical equipment, pipes and ducts. Springs are seated in acoustic molded neoprene cups with exclusive locking-lip feature…a WEICCO innovation, to centralize the spring and prevent dislocation. Integral projecting bush provided below cup to prevent metal to metal contact. Hanger cage designed to accommodate lower suspension rod misalignment over a 30o arc. Load Capacity: 6 to 3200Kg per hanger. Rated Deflection 13mm, 25mm, 50mm.

Neoprene Floor Mount (WFM)
Neoprene Floor Mount (WFM)

Molded neoprene-in-shear mount designed for isolation of noise and high frequency mechanical vibration generated by floor mounted equipment. Incorporates embedded threaded load distribution plate and extended steel base plate. Ribbed, non-skid top and bottom surfaces. Color coded to identify capacity. Load Capacity: 18 to 1800Kg per mount. Rated Deflection: 8mm to 13mm.

Neoprene Hangers (WHS Series)
Neoprene Hangers (WHS Series)

Suitable for isolation of noise and high frequency mechanical vibration generated by suspended equipment, pipes and ducts. Epoxy powder coated steel frame incorporating neoprene-in-shear element. Element has embedded steel plate and exclusive locking-lip feature..a WEICCO innovation, to centralize the element and prevent dislocation. Hanger cage designed to accommodate lower suspension rod misalignment over a 30o arc. Graded, color coded elements. Load Capacity: 12 to 900Kg per hanger. Rated Deflection: 5mm to 13mm.

Modular Pad (WMP)
Modular Pad (WMP)

High performance, extra thick rubber pad. Modular design offers flexibility, economy and convenience in application. Each 450x450x20mm pad comprises 81 square modules of 50x50mm joined by a thin webbing to facilitate cutting to any size and shape. Loading up to 75Kg per module with 3mm deflection. Square Cell construction is more efficient than any other design of modular pad available.


Suitable for use as acoustic separators between suspension rods and light equipment. Wide range of rubber grommets of different shapes, sizes and loading capacities is available.

G2 Grommet
Material: Compounded Rubber, Loading Capacity: up tp 30kg, Working Temperature: -20°C to 87°C, Suspension Rod / Mounting Bolt: M10 (recommended)

G15 Grommet
Material: Compounded Rubber, Loading Capacity: up tp 30kg, Working Temperature: -20°C to 87°C, Rubber Density: 1350 kg/M3

Self-Sealing Test Plugs (WTP Series)
Self-Sealing Test Plugs (WTP Series)

Cost effective aids for measuring pressure and temperature in fluid lines. Used at inlet and outlet of equipment, DRVs and metering stations. Feature leakproof neoprene twin-core design. Full brass body supplied as standard. SS construction available on application. Supplied complete with restraining strap for the cap. Connection Sizes: 1/4”, 1/2”. Pressure: 35Kg/cm2, Temperature: -20° to 105°C. Each unit is individually pressure tested before dispatch. Extended Test Plugs are suitable for piping with insulation up to 50mm thickness.

Brass Coils & Shims
Brass Coils & Shims

70/30 Brass Foils / Shims/ Coils C26000 of thickness from 0.05mm to 0.300mm in 50kg or higher weight coils. Leaded brass to manufacture keys available.

Based in Dandenong, in the south east of Melbourne, we have been engaged in the importation and supply of high quality UGOH Approved for Ausgrid, Possum/Animal Proofing Transformer Bushing Covers (TBC) Approved for Victoria, Galvanised Pole Caps, Modular Pads for Chillers, Cased Spring Mount(SMC), Grommets products throughout Australia.

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  • Fully qualified engineers, members of Engineers Australia
  • 20 years experience
  • Very competitive prices.

Weicco Parts

Our partnership with Weicco has continued over the past 20 years. We are the sole Australian distributor for Weicco to the commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and heating industries throughout Australia.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us.

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